Saturday, October 10, 2009

Picking up the Pieces - How to start writing after a break

Unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way of your writing, artwork, photography or whatever your creative outlet or hobby is and you end up having a break from it. I've just come back from such a break and took some advice from a colleague who told me of a good way to get back into the rhythm of, for me, writing again, so essentially 'picking up the pieces'.

The process is simple and not too demanding, which is a boon for a lot of us out there, and can be adapted to suit your own needs. Basically challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to write, draw, photograph, or whatever your bent is, for thirty minutes a day for seven days. Of course the time can be manipulated to your needs so if you find yourself getting into a grove with what you are doing I encourage you not to stop but to keep going till you feel you're done for the day. What is important here is not so much the time aspect but the consistency of working.

What you'll find is that it may be a struggle for the day or two but after that you find it easier to pick up the pen and what you work on will actually be of better quality than on the first few days. An interesting aside is to look back at what you did on the first day(s) and compare that with what you are working on in the later stages of the challenge.

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